28 January 2012

Black Glitter Shawl

for inspiring hijab style : my little sister trying to use glitter shawl, and mix match with creamy inner ninja, come and see...

                                                                 glitter shawl by Sister Hijab

25 January 2012

Pinky Time

Assalamualaikum beautiful sister hijab...
long time i'm not write anything on my blog, but never mind... happy new year 2012 all :)
new spirit, new dream and new target for your life...
in 2012 suddenly i'm very love ELECTRIC PINK colour,i'm first used it to campus, lets cek this out!!!

                                                  at corridor of Masjid Al- Furqon, UPI :D

square veil by PARISA
pink cardigant by Ignite 
 dress by Inbox 
 belt - Unbranded
ring & bracelet by Heart Warmer
wedges by CHRISSIE
photograph by Bunda Noi / Digital Imaging by Me